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You're not a robot...
so why are you still marketing like one?


No one likes buying from a faceless corporation. It's time to give

your brand a friendly face people will remember.

3 simple steps

Three Steps

What we do best

We're not your typical talking head.

We've been helping businesses humanize their marketing & sales strategies since 2013.

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What we do best
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Meet Suzi

Your go-to girl

I grew up on a small dairy farm in Wisconsin. As a child I spent most of my time acting, singing, and shoveling cow manure. Eventually, I moved to New York City thinking I could make a career out of my talents. And I did, in a Hey-I-Think-I-Saw-You-In-A-Show-Once-Or-Was-It-A-Commercial kind of way.  But alas, the grandiose life of a Broadway actress wasn’t enough for this vagabond soul to keep trudging on.


So I started my own video production company with the intent to bring a genuine, non-salesy approach back to sales and marketing. I combined my love of acting, my knowledge of marketing, and my "Midwest Nice" nature and set out to help businesses bring a human element to their videos.


Ready to tell the world about your unique product or service with the power of video? Let's create something...human.

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